Useful cases in Sumy

When goodness spreads through the world, even war cannot stop it!

GRacias Asturias, like a ray of light through dark clouds, warmed the hearts of people affected by the war in Ukraine.

This organization, united by sincere people from Spain, collected and sent a humanitarian cargo filled with care and hope. Oleksandr Kamchatnyi, originally from Sumy, a volunteer who has long been a part of Spanish society, could not stay away from the grief of his compatriots. His tireless work and sincere interest became the driving force behind this noble mission. Volodymyr Lutsenko, our friend, a volunteer from Sumy region who now lives in Kyiv, made sure that the aid reached those who needed it most. Andriy Vynnychenko, our volunteer, is a reliable, smart person who is always looking for opportunities to help as much as possible. We are proud of him and his work.

This is not just a humanitarian cargo - it is a symbol of unity, compassion and faith in a better future! We are proud to be a part of this story and thank everyone who contributed to the aid!