Good will win!

Since 24.02 each of us has been trying to do what we can to protect the country.
 Some are on the front line, some volunteer, some work on the info-field, some financially support the army, and some resume jobs and provide jobs. All of us, as a single coherent mechanism, do what we can to win.
We continue our activities in times of war and want to thank our partners who do not remain indifferent to the many needs of children with special educational needs and reach out to us. This is how we help with the purchase of medicines, shoes, fuel and "special" items.
A 13-year-old boy with special educational needs, Evgeniy from Lyubotin, needed medicine which was hard to find. The task was not an easy one, but Pavel Sushko's team together with Igor Zakharchenko and Igor Karachintsev found and brought the medication directly to the boy's home in a few hours.
And 9-year-old Pavel, a hearing impaired boy from Kharkov region, was fitted with a cochlear implant a year ago. Recently a power element in the device failed for the speech process of the implant. New implant is very expensive and very hard to find in Ukraine. But by working together we managed to find and order the right battery.
Another request was received from Maria from Ternopil oblast. The woman asked for two pairs of orthopedic shoes for her daughter with cerebral palsy. The 15 year old girl has different leg lengths. The Department of Social Welfare said that they can provide only one pair of shoes per year. But that is not enough, the girl walks on her toes, so after a month these shoes become unsuitable to wear. Of course, we couldn't get past this request.
A primary school teacher from the Korolenko school in Kharkiv also got a helping hand. Tatiana has been heroically fighting cancer for two years and has undergone 16 courses of chemotherapy. Prior to the war, Tatyana had undergone full treatment, but the war made changes and treatment had to be suspended. In order for Tatiana Viktorovna to continue her treatment, medication was purchased for her.
We sincerely believe that only through unity, mutual support, mutual help and mutual communication will we win!
Everything will be Ukraine!