Workshop on "Decorating T-shirts and shoppers" for refugee children from Ukraine

Public Organisation "Sensorica" joined in a workshop: "Decorating T-shirts and shopper shirts" for refugee children from our beloved Ukraine.
The workshop was led by Stefania Snizhko with the support of the Creative International Children's School, Kiev, 5.2 class, namely Golubovska Lesya, Stephanie's tutor, who helped Stephanie to believe in herself and her start-up back in November 2021.
And many thanks also to art mentor Daria Maslyukova from "Artmisto" Kryvyi Rih, who has been teaching Steph "beautiful" for over 5 years.
The workshop was attended by children from all over Ukraine who were temporarily accommodated in Spain with their mothers.
Stefa drew the animals in blue and yellow colours, decorated them with supporting lettering and printed them on special paper.
Everyone had the opportunity to choose and design their own pattern to be transferred onto a T-shirt or shopper.
Everyone really enjoyed themselves, the children were so excited that we didn't even expect such a reaction.
Glad we could brighten up at least one morning of our own little Ukrainians