Master class "I love Ukraine" with Nastya Kamenskykh

The NGO Sensorica, together with the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona, held a master class "I Love Ukraine" for the pupils of the project "Special Ukrainians.Children". A real surprise for the children and adults was the appearance of Ukrainian singer NK | Nastya Kamenskykh, who spent time with us with love and gave not only positive emotions, but also a large number of different materials for creativity! "Special Ukrainians.Children" is a project for Ukrainian children with mental disorders and psychological disorders. Specialists (volunteers) work with them as part of the project.

More than 100 hours of correctional classes have been held: -Antonina Kurochkina, a rehabilitation therapist; -Tyana Savchenko, a correctional teacher; -Victoria Vaskevich, a psychologist.
There are currently 10 children, but there are many more who need rehabilitation help! These children amaze us every time to the core, because they are incredibly talented, sensual, real, sincere, brave! And their parents are real heroes!

The kids made us happy with their thoughts about dreams and hobbies, opened their little hearts to us for a minute🧸❤️
The works we made, namely palms with wishes, cities and our names, "Blue Yellow Heart", drawings and an incredible "train of invincibility" from Artem from Kharkiv, we handed over to the international union of students ESADE, who agreed to support the project and collect donations.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone for this day and these emotions, especially the children. And also to Caixa Bank for their support! I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to NC Mariana Sorochuk, Olena Karaseva, as well as parents and teachers. 🇺🇦❤️