Helping expectant mothers in difficulty

We helped expectant mothers from the city of a lifetime! Pregnancy during the war is a double challenge. To support mothers with many children who are in a difficult situation, NGO Sensorica together with NK provided support in the form of humanitarian baby boxes to mothers with many children, as well as to expectant mothers who were forced to leave their homes due to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The photos show smiling mothers of many children and IDPs, mothers raising children with special needs, who, despite all the obstacles and uncertainty, find the strength to continue living and raising healthy and loving children. These women are residents of Kryvyi Rih and those who have found refuge there.

As the head of the NGO Sensorica, I am very pleased that my hometown, a city of a lifetime, supports these women who give the world a new life.

Because even under the sounds of sirens and explosions, under the news of offensives, retreats and casualties... Life goes on... new families are created and children are born... Life goes on, despite something and for something!!! Neither the war nor the Russian army can forbid us Ukrainians to LIVE!