The team of the NGO "Sensorica" has completed the second stage of sending targeted aid.

Reporting. We have completed the second stage of sending targeted aid. We had planned to do it faster, but constant air raid alerts, long stays in shelters made adjustments to the work process. While processing applications, we tried to cover the needs of each family that applied to us for help. Judging by the feedback, we succeeded. We are very pleased to receive your photo feedback, read messages with words of gratitude - this is a huge incentive for us to work further and look for opportunities and resources.

NGO "Sensoriсa" plans to continue to provide support to vulnerable categories of the population, namely: families with children with disabilities or children with special educational needs and large families with the status of IDPs (internally displaced persons). We will help all other categories of the population to the best of our ability.

We would like to thank our volunteer girls who, despite such turbulent days, went to work. Sarah Kerdi-Boychuk Rita Baranova Inessa Kobyletska thank you for your work.