Today on September 18 the Ukrainian Festival is held with the support of the Consulado General de Ucrania en Barcelona and Ukrainian Association "Dzherelo", Barcelona.

This year's festival is dedicated to the heroes who defend Ukraine!

The program includes a concert, fair, fashion show, children's master classes, Ukrainian cuisine, entertainment for children, auction and even a lottery.

The festival began with a procession in national costumes with flags of Ukraine and Ukrainian symbols

The grand opening of the festival was attended by the Consul General of Ukraine in Barcelona, representatives of the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Hall

Many Catalans came to support us and express their support for the Ukrainian people: buying stamps with "Patron" from Ukrposhta, T-shirts with drawings of our children, promotional items and food. Some just expressed their warm words. It was a pleasure to talk with the Deputy Mayor Laura Pérez Castaño (to whom we presented boxing gloves signed by V. Klitschko) and her daughter about further cooperation.

We were approached by mothers with children with special educational needs from different parts of Ukraine, they told us about their needs, which we will try to solve. Teachers and correctional teachers who are ready to work with children.

We were impressed by the works from the stand "Ukraine is Guernica" and delicious Ukrainian "loaf".

I would also like to mention the girls who found at our stand the "Kobzar" and the poetry of "Lina Kostenko" dear to their hearts.

Special thanks to Daria Masliukova for her idea of the "Ukrainian wreath" on the T-shirt.
And also to Anna Shpak for her help and support.

There is no doubt that such events promote "communication" and give strength to do good to each of us.

After all, the public organization "Sensorica" has raised enough funds to start the arrangement of a sensory and art room in the village of Zavallia, Kirovograd region, where children with special educational needs and children who suffered during active hostilities in the Kyiv region are engaged.

The event gathered a large number of participants and visitors. In the evening, the film "Mother of Apostles" by Kateryna Kastura will be shown.

Traditional gratitude for the support to Olena Karasova.