Head of the organization "Sensorica" Olena Kazakova attended the event dedicated to Ukrainian women's organizations

Today I'll attended a working meeting chaired by Maria Eugenia Guy Rosell, the representative of the Spanish Government in Catalonia, which took place in the Delegation del Gobierno en La Comunidad autonoma de Catalonia, dedicated to Ukrainian women's organizations.

I am grateful for the invitation of Liudmyla Poliachenko, because I had the opportunity to personally meet with truly outstanding women who are doing an extremely important work every day to restore the dignity of the Ukrainian people.

The event was attended by Mrs. Consul General of the Republic of Poland - Karolina Cemka, Mr. Consul General of Ukraine in Barcelona - Artem Vorobyov and the presidents of the associations Ukrainian Association "Dzherelo", Barcelona, Ukrainian school named after Taras Shevchenko - Escuela Ucraniana Shevchenko Sonrisas de Ucrania.

I hope very soon the NGO "Sensorica" will be able to learn more about inclusive education in Catalonia and will have information on the education of children with special educational needs on the example of Spain.

The issues of certified courses of Spanish and Catalan languages, possible employment of Ukrainian women and education of children from Ukraine were discussed.

Once again we are very grateful to the government and people of the Kingdom for protection, shelter and assistance!
After all, there are currently more than 35000 Ukrainians in Catalonia!

Spain, thank you!