On September 15, a charity concert of the famous Ukrainian singer Nastia Kamenskykh took place in Marbella

On September 15, in the city of Marbella, within the framework of the charity concert of Nastya Kamenskikh, we held a charity lottery to raise funds for the treatment of children with special educational needs. We collected money for medicines for eight-year-old Eva from Lozova, Kharkiv region. She has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and needs medication every Sunday.

We played a raffle:
- Exclusive bilingual Ukrainian-Spanish poetry collection decorated with paintings by Ukrainian artists, which was presented in the framework of the project "Ukrainian Bookshelf" by the Embajada de Ucrania en el Reino de España
- Designer "Vyshyvanka" personally from Nastia Kamenskykh.

- A T-shirt signed by Nastia Kamenskykh and new limited edition Ukrposhta stamps depicting the heroic dog Patron.

Fortune smiled to the girls, and to one of them with a beautiful name Renata twice, because she had 2 tickets at once - 22 and 28, but the 28th number unexpectedly pleased the girl, who sang the whole concert standing on the stage.
It was incredible.

The money we raised will be enough to purchase 25 units of "Metodget" for Eva, and this is almost six months of quality childhood life.

Thanks to Nastya Kamenskikh and her team for supporting the charity lottery, the audience for their participation and the organizers of this concert U-Concert Spain. Concerts in Spain Maydan-Malaga

And for the video thanks to Elena Karasova