Photo report on humanitarian help for children

Our humanitarian cooperation with Goshcha village council headed by Mykola Panchuk continues.
We have compiled a photo report on the humanitarian aid we have provided to children in Kherson, Dnipro and Kirovograd regions. In the incredibly hot days of August, the children were very happy to receive delicious, refreshing drinks, and they were especially curious about the SpongeBob on the bottle!
We wanted to reach out to children as much as possible and make them happy, so the drinks went to children's camps and de-occupied villages, which you can see in the photos.

These events took place thanks to our partners who donated 3.5 tons of German children's drinks: Victor Shcherbachuk Charitable Foundation, Martin Ritter Ostheimhilft -

And also the Volunteer Platform NGO, which organized summer camps and traveled to villages to help children. A low bow to Oleg Podkopaev, who was engaged in this wonderful work, and Sergey Ivanyuchenko.

Thank you, because together we support and give joy to children!