The pupils of the Dyvosvit Creative Club created a beautiful piece for the auction with their own hands!

On the eve of the tour of Ukrainian cities, NK singer, volunteer of the Sensorica NGO Sarah Kerdi-Boychuk and talented craftswoman Oksana Groza together with the pupils of the Dyvosvit Creative Club in Irpin created a real beauty for the auction and fundraising for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Children with special educational needs from this club made artificial flowers with their own hands, which were then used to decorate a wreath of dried rye flowers and ears of grain: poppy is a symbol of dreams, daisy is tenderness, sunflower is devotion, cornflower is humanity, and immortelle is health.

We have to say that such therapeutic art classes have a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of children with SEN, and they develop motor skills very well.

It came as a real surprise to us when NK sang her sensual song "When the War is Over" in this wreath in Lutsk.