Public organisation "Sensorica" became the general sponsor and organiser of a charity concert in honour of Ukraine's Independence Day in Barcelona.

A charity concert was held in the heart of Barcelona on 24 August with the support of the Consulado General de Ucrania en Barcelona, the City Hall, the Information Centre for Refugees in Barcelona and Catalonia, organisation "Chervona Kalyna", Sonrisas de Ucrania and other charity associations.

The event attracted more than 5,000 Ukrainians and residents.

The Consul General of Ukraine in Barcelona, Artem Oleksandrovych Vorobyov, in his address, congratulated everyone on the holiday and expressed his gratitude to the city administration.

Together with Olena Kazakova, the President of Public Organisation "Sensorica", in gratitude for assistance and support rendered by the Government of Spain to the Ukrainian people, we presented to Laura Perez Castaño, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, boxing gloves signed by the World Champion in Boxing, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko. Interestingly, the Gloves were purchased at the «Dobra sprava»  charity auction "Dorohy zhyttya" Charity Foundation and, as Elena said, will become a symbol of our fight for freedom, democracy, justice and independence!

Small and big Ukrainian and Catalan stars performed at the event:
 Pupils of schools "Mriya" and named after Taras Shevchenko, the "Refugees" choir, Time Illusions and Yanski bands, singer Luciana Hakman, as well as famous Ukrainian stars Michelle Andrade and Nastya Kamenskikh.

By the way, we gave Nastya Kamensky a T-shirt signed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which we also bought at the auction.

At the event, all visitors had the opportunity to buy goodies and sundries from Ukraine itself, handicrafts and more.  The organizers plan to donate all the money raised to charity.

A special huge thank you to the team who prepared and ran the event.
Hosts and organisers: Ostap Petrushchak, Nastasia Medvedeva, Katya Kasturi, Nika Konstantinova and Mykhailo Kostur, who made the impossible possible!

Warm thanks to the founder of the Public Organisation "Sensorica", Dmytro Snizhko, and its honorary president, Pavlo Sushko.

Celebration operator the best: Olena Karaseva.

Glory to Ukraine!