Special angels for helicopter pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our angels are already with the defenders of our Ukrainian sky. 6 meters of Ukrainian-Spanish garland will now decorate the cargo cabin of a huge Ukrainian Armed Forces aircraft. We hope that the efforts of Ukrainian children in Ukraine and abroad will inspire and protect our falcons.
The boys say that these angels warm their hearts in a special way, because they were made by special children who put a lot of effort, effort and love into them.
In the pre-Christmas box with the angels, we also put tea, coffee and other goodies for warm drinks.
We humbly thank all our brave helicopter pilots who demonstrate the highest class and wish them good health and successful combat missions, to keep the enemy out of our skies and always return home!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

P.S. We are grateful to all our friends who helped us bring the idea of angels for helicopter pilots to life!
We would like to thank the Dnipro Orphanage of the Dnipro Regional Council, Valentyna Bulgakova, Victoria Legka, the Inclusive Resource Center of the Zavallivka Village Council, Olga Volodarska, Zarina Lebedeva and the Dyvosvit Creative Club.

And many thanks to all the children who made these special angels with their own hands.