Sasha's rehearsal for the concert

We are happy to share the great news! The NGO “Sensorica”, together with Oleksandr Ilchenko and his mother Lesya Ilchenko, will take part in a concert dedicated to Mother's Day, organized by the NGO “WeCan”.

This concert will be a great opportunity for children and young people with different nosologies to demonstrate their talents and give their mothers sincere emotions. Yesterday, we had a warm meeting during which we personally met Sasha and his mother. The story of this incredible young man is amazing!!! Despite his total blindness, the young man has incredible talent and erudition. Sashko is a vocalist, plays several instruments, reads poetry expressively, has a phenomenal memory, and leads an active lifestyle.

It is hard not to admire Sasha's mother, Mrs. Lesya. She is an incredibly strong-minded woman who does not give up in the face of circumstances and sincerely believes in her son. Her proactive and purposeful attitude serves as an example for many.

Sasha and his mother Lesya are another proof that human capabilities are limitless! Their example teaches us to never give up, to believe in ourselves and our dreams, because even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome if you have close people who sincerely support you.

At the concert, Sashko will delight everyone with his vocal abilities and musical skills. We sincerely believe that his performance will be a real highlight of this festive evening.