Our assistance continues

We were approached by a mother of three wonderful children, one of them, Rostislav, has a complicated diagnosis - the consequences of a severe herpetic infection of the brain. Polycystic disease.
All his 19 years the young man is bedridden with a serious illness. And he needs constant care and attention.
So, to make life a little easier for this nice family, we have purchased
- orthopedic mattress (the mattress makes life much easier for both the patient and the caregiver, because there is no need to constantly turn the patient)
- orthopedic pillow;
- anti-decubitus cape (prevents the appearance of stagnant processes in / on the skin and promotes faster recovery);
- anti-decubitus pillow under the elbow (protects the elbows of bedridden and sedentary people from pressure sores and skin irritation);
- Argosulfan ointment (one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of pressure ulcers);
- sudocrem;
- gentaxan;
- diapers for adults.
With prolonged forced static position of the patient lying down, prolonged pressure on the same parts of the body, pressure ulcers occur. So these items greatly facilitate the patient's life.
This is a kind, decent, creative and active family where children grow up in love and care. And we are sincerely glad to give them our support.