Delivered medicines to NGO "Volunteer Platform", Kryvyi Rih

Not by Dnipro alone...)))

After Dnipro we visited Kryvyi Rih - it is a "City as long as life", it is depicted on the city logo. By the way, do you know why the city has such a slogan? Write your guesses in the comments))

So, back to the trip to the city with an iron character... we arrived there quite late... at 19:00 we planned a master class "Christmas garland for the front line", but, unfortunately, we could not hold it due to a power outage in the city.

In the morning, the next day, we delivered humanitarian cargo (medicines) for the NGO "Volunteer Platform".

We thank Oleg Podkopaev for cooperation and for accepting the cargo with medicines. Also, we gave Oleg sweets, cookies, toys, stationery and blanks for garlands, which we had to use together with children to make angels. Although we did not manage to meet with the children, but the angels from Kryvyi Rih will be))

Kryvyi Rih, we will definitely come back!