4i: inclusion forum

On the 29th of the November the first forum “4i: Inclusion” was held being organized by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine jointly with UNICEF and with the support of  «Sensorika»‎. Forum was devoted to the International Day of People with Disabilities and its main approach was to designate promising directions for the inclusion development and building the sphere of social support for people with disabilities in Ukraine.

At the forum, they discussed and analyzed the effectiveness of innovative projects, the promotion of such socially acceptable adaptation and the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities.
4 key topics of the forum:
• early admission and rehabilitation of children with disabilities,
• professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities,
• development of social services for people with disabilities,
• innovations to improve the lives of people with disabilities.
«Sensorika»‎ became one of the sponsors of the forum, providing methodical and presentational support of the meeting.
Address of forum: State Rehabilitation Institute «‎All-Ukrainian Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities»‎ («Turovcha Lisova»‎‎, 2, village Lyutizh, Vyshhorod district, Kyiv region)

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