The team of the Public Organisation "Sensorica" received the first "Gratitude"

Congratulations to the team of the NGO "Sensorika" Alla Semko, Alina Goroshko and all those involved with receiving the first "Gratitude" from the Honorary President of the Charitable Foundation "Roads of Life" Vladlen Neklyudov.

Our participation in the charity auction "Good deed" is our contribution to the common victory.

Recall that according to the results of the auction, lots worth about 47 thousand dollars were purchased. All raised funds were distributed in three directions:

- assistance to the families of Mariupol residents;
- support for the families of the victims of the shelling of the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchuk;
- assistance in the restoration of a children's camp in Khmelnytsky region for the rehabilitation of adults and children from among the IDPs.

Also, the Charitable Foundation "Way of Life" handed over a certificate for 350 thousand hryvnias to the humanitarian headquarters, which operates on the basis of Mariupol State University in Kyiv.

Thank you for the "Gratitude" and we continue to work together for the victory!