Humanitarian cargo for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and residents of the de-occupied town of Izyum

Enemies left nothing undestroyed... Izyum... Kharkiv region...

Last week, we delivered humanitarian aid to our defenders, some of it the guys left for the Armed Forces, and some of it was delivered to the de-occupied city of Izyum...

It is heartbreaking... The guys say that people who survived the occupation there and stayed alive, kiss their hands for bread and food.

The defenders thank us, and we are infinitely grateful to you for being brave, tireless, selfless, sincere and invincible ❤️️.

Once again, we thank the Consulado General de Ucrania en Barcelona for the humanitarian cargo.

And a low bow to Serhiy Boyko and all the defenders who are nearby! Glory to the heroes! 💙💛 Glory to our land!

P.S. The publication was made with the permission of the defenders.