Ukraine is a country of creative and talented children

Proof of this is the drawings of girls who joined our art project, which aims to raise funds for the needs of IDPs and the Armed Forces. The girls created images that they want to wear and show to the whole world. T-shirts and shoppers were distributed across sunny Spain during the Independence Day celebrations in Barcelona, were presented at an exhibition in Germany and decorated boxes with humanitarian aid for border guards.

A few days ago, we had a personal meeting with the little talents, where we presented the authors of the drawings with their T-shirts and sweets.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the fruitful cooperation to art-therapist - Zarina Lebedeva and the art center in the village of Shpytky, Kyiv region.

Zarina, thank you for supporting the inspiration of children, teaching them to create and feel despite the war and all the troubles associated with it.

Note that Zarina works with children with special needs, who improve their condition and learn through art therapy!
Now we have plans to join the arrangement of a sensory room and an art class. So we hope for further joint projects.