Kryvyi Rih was visited as part of the "Preparing for School Together" project

As part of the project "Preparing for School Together", our NGO Sensorica congratulated the first-graders of a school in Kryvyi Rih that came under attack.

By the beginning of the school year, we launched the project "Getting Ready for School Together!". The goal of the project is to provide school supplies to Ukrainian children with disabilities; children from families internally displaced within Ukraine as a result of Russia's military aggression after February 24, 2022; children living in frontline areas and children from large families, and children affected by shelling." On August 12, more than 60 primary school students with their parents, as well as 20 students from Hleiuvata ATC, brought by Dmytro Gureev, gathered in the courtyard of the Kryvyi Rih school for a holiday organized by the NGO Sensorica, with the support of the project partners: VIVAT Trading LLC, NGO "Kryvyi Rih for Family" headed by Oleh Podkopaiev, and the Kryvyi Rih Farmers Association headed by Mykola Melnyk. 80 school kits were distributed, which included

an orthopedic backpack from a German manufacturer made of eco-friendly materials
pencil case / or desk organizer
a set of ballpoint pens

And a book by Gloria Publishing House. The event to congratulate the children on the beginning of the school year was interrupted by explosions, and everyone had to go to the shelter... "Unfortunately, these events spoiled the holiday, but fortunately there is a shelter in the school where we could wait out the danger," said Oleg Podkopayev. In addition, the children were given sweet drinks, which were handed over to us by the Goshcha village council, by Serhiy Ivanyuchenko, Martin Ritter, Mykola Panchuk and Viktor Shcherbachuk.

We hope that these school kits will be useful in any form of education. We wish you peace and inspiration! Success in your studies and victorious achievements!

Special thanks to SVOI. Kryvyi Rih for their media support, and to our volunteers Andriy Vinnichenko, Mykyta Havryliuk, Ksenia Vasylkova, Rita Baranova, and Alina Goroshko.