More than 2 tons of aid to Kryvyi Rih

Another humanitarian aid has arrived from our German and Ukrainian partners. This time it is refreshing drinks for children.

We have delivered more than 2 tons to Kryvyi Rih for summer camps organized by volunteers of the Volunteer Platform NGO in Dnipropetrovska, Kirovohradska and Khersonska oblasts.

On such hot summer days, children will enjoy these delicious drinks, so we thank you:

Martin Ritter, Chairman of the Dinehilfe Ukraine Charitable Foundation
Viktor Shcherbachuk, representative of the Foundation in Ukraine
Mykola Panchuk, the head of the Goshcha village council
Sergey Ivanyuchenko
And also Oleg Podkopaev and Sergey Burlaka for their help in organizing the humanitarian event.