A trip to the Good Bread from Good People bakery!!!

We organized a trip to the Good Bread from Good bakery for the adult pupils of the Dyvosvit Creative Club!

People GoodBread is an inclusive bakery whose main goal is to show that people with mental disabilities have the right to be realized! We were met by Andriy, the administrator, a wonderful employee, who gave us a tour and told us who does what, what happens on each floor and what work is going on.

After that, we met Ms. Halyna, who engaged us all in the process of baking bread. She is an incredible woman who organizes all the work and lays the foundation for the work - love, equality and gratitude. The team currently consists of 25 employees who work tirelessly, and after work they have classes in art therapy, dance and other developmental programs in the space. Each employee took a child and showed them what to do and how to perform tasks correctly. Everyone tried how to shape the dough, bake, sift flour, grease the mold, and all the other steps to make a fragrant and soft bread!

We thank Vladyslav Malashchenko for opening and implementing such an incredible project. While we are thankful for the invitation, the children's parents are thinking about how to make their dreams come true and find a way to bring their children to the hub more often.