Public organisation "Sensorica" donated boxing gloves from the "Dobra sprava" Charity Auction to Barcelona City Hall.

Friends, remember our participation in the "Dobra sprava" charity auction, which was held to raise funds to support residents of Hero City Mariupol and victims of the shelling of the "Amstor" shopping centre in Kremenchuk on 20 June, who suffered from russian aggression.

So, the main lot № 83 won by Public organisation "Sensorica", a pair of boxing gloves signed by world champion boxer Vitaly Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, was presented to deputy, mayor of Barcelona - Laura Pérez Castaño at a gala concert on the Independence Day of Ukrain in Barcelona.
Incidentally, it attracted more than 5,000 spectators and was organised with the support of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona and charitable associations.

According to Olena Kazakova, head of the Public Organisation "Sensorika", the gloves were donated as a token of gratitude to the government of Barcelona for the sunny refuge of Ukrainians and as a symbol of our struggle for independence, democracy, freedom and justice.

Pictured are: Laura, Olena and Artem Vorobyov - Ukraine's Consul General in Barcelona.

Another lot, a T-shirt signed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, V.F. Zaluzhny,, was presented to a charming representative of our cultural front, singer Nastya Kamenskikh..

Unexpectedly for the organizers of the auction, the lots not only stayed in the hands of collectors, but also continue to live their lives as they travel around the world ... such a "good deed" we have achieved.

Togather to victory!