On December 12, the first meeting within the sub-project "Special Ukrainians in Catalonia" was held in the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona

On December 12, the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona (#AssociationDzherelo) hosted our first and very important meeting in the framework of the sub-project "Special Ukrainians in Catalonia", which is jointly implemented by the Association of Ukrainians "Dzherelo" and the NGO "Sensorica".

The aim of the project is to provide Ukrainian children and adults with special needs who currently reside in Catalonia with rehabilitation, educational and correctional support.

In our joint plans:

  • to make a schedule of correctional classes for children with different nosologies;
  • to equip a sensory room in the Ukrainian Center;
  • provide Ukrainian displaced persons with support in obtaining disability and education specialized institutions in Spain.

So, today the first meeting was attended by parents of children with special educational needs, children and adults with disabilities, as well as experienced Ukrainian specialists - correctional teacher, psychologist and rehabilitation therapist, who shared their professional experience gained in Ukraine and Catalonia.

The first step has been made!
We thank parents for their trust, teachers for their time and willingness to help and partners for the financial support of the project.

To be continued!

If you, your relatives or friends want to become participants of the project, please fill out this form:

If you want to join as a volunteer, please write to us on messengers.

The project is implemented with the support of #CAIXAbank</div>