What difficulties do Ukrainian IDP families with children with SEN face?

What difficulties do Ukrainian IDP families with children with special needs face?
We found out in Lutsk during a friendly visit together with NK and the Volyn publication ...

While Anna Bondarenko's husband is defending Ukraine on the "naval" front, she is coping with two children: four-month-old Annus and five-year-old Mykyta. Mykyta has an autism spectrum disorder, so the move was not easy for him. After all, the family was forced to flee from their native Volnovakha district of Donetsk region to Volyn and found shelter and help within the walls of the NGO "Angels", which takes care of children with ASD and helps parents as much as possible.

To support the family, we brought them vitamins, clothes, shoes, and a whole box of humanitarian aid... The center received some goodies and toys. And also tickets to the singer's evening concert!

We would like to thank Oleh Kryshtof, a journalist from, for the story and his proactive position in informing the public about ASD. And his team: @Ira Kravchuk (author) Marian Prokopchuk (video) Volodymyr Yakovlev (video)

N.B. Autism should be detected as early as possible so that the child can adapt to society as productively as possible, gain self-control skills, and realize his or her potential and abilities.