Master class on "Marine Animals" in Barcelona

NK and I had a great time with the kids when we visited the summer day camp organized by the leaders and volunteers of the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona.

It is interesting that every week in the camp is themed, so we organized an art class on "Sea Animals". It is true that art classes have a significant impact on the emotional state, improve mood and give a sense of harmony.

But most importantly, children express themselves in this way and learn to be independent. And the way they open up when they talk about their work... it's so inspiring.

The real surprise was the musical gifts: the kids sang and even played the bass guitar... the anthem of Ukraine 💪🏻 Of course, there were also warm hugs, motivational talks and a photo session.

Thank you, little stars, for your warm hospitality and sincerity! And to the volunteers for your work! May the summer bring you only vivid memories. Special thanks to Mariana Sorochuk, who takes care of many projects of the center and makes leisure and everyday life of Ukrainians useful and rich!