Preparing books in Braille

On the 2nd of February at Kyiv State Administration presentation of a children's fantasy book «Legends of Magic Forest», which was published in Braille for children with visual impairments was held.
«Legends of Magic Forest» is a historical and adventure tale based on Ukrainian folklore and mythology, taken from on the screenplay of the same name by Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Andrienko and famous screenwriter and writer Olena Shulga.

«Sensorika» was involved in this project at the stage of creating embossed color drawings that can be felt by touch. So, thanks to the joint efforts, the book «Legends of Magic Forest» was supplemented by special «tactile» illustrations in Braille.

You know, we are proud to take part  in this project, which has a noble goal - to encourage people from different parts of our country to unite and do good deeds.
For blind children, a book is a source of knowledge about the world.
At the presentation we were extremely impressed by the special spontaneity, subtle humor and optimism of the youngest participants - Sofia Khoma, Diana Paterega and Elena Masendich. For them, we have prepared as gifts – wonderful cups with tactile characters of «Magic Forest», which can be «seen».

These girls shared their impressions of the book without any worries and even read a few sentences from it to all the guests of the presentation.
The speakers of the presentation were:
• Marina Honda - Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration
• Victor Andrienko - Honored Artist of Ukraine, author of the book
• Roman Lelyuk - Director of the Department of Public Communications
• Kazakova Olena - head of the public organization «Sensorika»
• Kateryna Ivashutina - Braille editor
• Ivan Stepurin - Director of the Summit Book Publishing House

All books will to be sent to special schools and specialized libraries, where blind children can read them.
Thank you for the cooperation of the public organization «Ukrainian Union of the Disabled», the publishing house «Summit Book», LLC «Eleks Europe», the Resource Center for Educational Information Technology NU «Lviv Polytechnic» and its head - Oksana Potymko and Braille editor - Kateryna Ivashutina.