Visited Dnipropetrovsk orphanage

A few weeks ago, for the funds raised from the charity concert "Duet with a Star", our organization purchased and donated a wall climbing wall for the Dnipropetrovsk orphanage.
And yesterday we personally visited the children who live, study and undergo rehabilitation in this institution.
I would like to share with you my emotions and impressions from the trip.

Despite the information noise about the large-scale rocket attacks on the entire territory of Ukraine, the road to Dnipro was full of enthusiasm, positive and pleasant expectations) We did not go to the children empty-handed .... We brought cookies, sweets, toys ... and stationery (the stationery from Barcelona from Mrs. Maria has a small but very interesting story ... we will tell you about it later). But this is not the most important thing, the main purpose of the trip was to conduct a master class called "Christmas garland for the front line" - Ukrainian-Spanish garland of angels from Ukrainian children for our boys and girls who are defending our country.

When we arrived at our destination, a siren was sounding in Dnipro. Despite the air raid, we were sure that everything would go well and we would be able to realize our idea with the garlands. Our premonitions did not disappoint us, the sensitive staff of the institution helped us with the organization of the master class and we managed to communicate and interact with the children in a safe place.

These angels represent children with special educational needs who firmly believe in the invincibility of our soldiers and a quick victory. Each angel turned out unique and beautiful in its own way... filled with hard work, efforts and love of these children

We are very happy to have met these children... we received an ocean of positive emotions and a huge charge of energy... the pupils of this institution are bright, energetic, joyful and full of thirst for life children. And it inspires.

Also, we want to say that we are delighted with the way the children spoke about their teachers and staff... It is a happiness to know and see that these children are taken care of by people with a big heart

Thank you for your hospitality and pleasant company: Zarina Lebedeva, Victoria Legka, Valentina Bulgakova, Sergey Gennadievich