About us
about us
NGO "Sensorika" is a community of activists and human rights defenders from different regions of Ukraine, who protect the rights of children with special educational needs and people with disabilities. The activity of the organization is aimed at helping parents raising children with disabilities and other vulnerable population groups, women, an internally displaced persons and youth with disabilities. Since March 2022, the Sensorika NGO team has been actively implementing projects to provide social, advocacy services and humanitarian support to citizens who, as a result of the war, are in difficult life circumstances and need help.
Our mission
Development of a society in which every Ukrainian child is protected
and has opportunities to be realized and youth with disabilities have equal opportunities to integrate into society.
The main goal of the Organization is to protect children with special educational needs, satisfy and protect their legitimate legal, social, spiritual, creative and other interests, provide comprehensive support to their parents, and promote the integration of youth with disabilities into society.
(from the Charter of «Sensorica»)
Successful experience
To achieve its goal, the NGO Senorika team implemented a number of measures regarding advocacy and financial support for people with disabilities; large and low-income families.
More detailed
  • NGO "Sensorika" acted as a co-organizer of the form "4i: inclusion" organized by the Ministry of Social Policy together with UNICEF (2021)
  • Provided targeted humanitarian aid to 450 low-income families, including children with special educational needs, children with disabilities, large families and IDPs (2022-2023)
  • Was a member of the working group for the development of the "Strategy for the creation of a barrier-free space in Ukraine for the period until 2030" under the patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education (2022)
  • Became a partner in the project to print and present the Braille book "Legends of the Enchanted Forest" at the "Resource Center for Educational Information Technologies for Persons with Special Needs" of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" (2021)
  • NGO "Sensorika" was present at the meetings of the TSC of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the investigation of cases and causes of violations of children's rights during the implementation of the decentralization of powers on matters of childhood protection, reforming the system of institutional care and education, implementation of the child's right to family upbringing and adoption, development ( modernization) of social services (2021-2022)
  • Launched a joint project with the "Source" association "Special Ukrainians of Catalonia. Children" in which 20 children with various nosologies regularly receive such social services as: rehabilitation classes with a correctional teacher, exercises with a speech therapist, classes with a rehabilitator and consultations with a psychologist (2023)
  • Equipped the sports ground of the "Kharkiv special school named after V. G. Korolenko" of the Kharkiv Regional Council (2021)
  • Started cooperation with Goshchanska OTG, providing support to more than 6,000 families
Our team
  • Olena Kazakova
    Founder, head
  • Dmytro Snizhko
  • Pavlo Sushko
    Honorary president
  • Alina Horoshko
    Project manager
  • Hleb Kravtsov
    Lawyer, advocate
  • Olena Silenko
  • Rita Baranova
    SMM specialist
  • Sarah Curdy-Boychuk
    Project manager
  • Andrii Vinnichenko
    Warehouse manager, driver
  • Havrylyuk Nikita
    Humanitarian aid volunteer
  • Ksenia Vasylkova
    Specialist in humanitarian aid